Southwest Evangelical Ministries is a self-governing, independent non-denominational, church who earnestly desires to follow our divine savior Jesus Christ.

It is the purpose and mission of Southwest Evangelical Ministries to represent the body of Christ as described in the Old and New Testaments, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ as led by the Holy Spirit, to bring the unsaved to Jesus Christ; to build up the body in principles of communion and Godly living, to have a vital part in missions here and abroad, and to strive toward unity in the Body of Christ. Being sovereign and governed by the commandments of God revealed in the Bible, it is resolved that all members in covenant agree to obey the guidance and leadership given of the Holy Spirit united in one accord for the following purposes:
1. To proclaim in fullness the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide.
2. To present salvation unto the lost.
3. To promote, praise and worship God and oversee places of worship and be their covering.
4. To teach, edify, lead, guide, disciple, unify, and protect the Body of Christ.
5. To establish and oversee charters, departments, institutions, offices, and be their covering.
6. To license, and to oversee ministers of the gospel and be their covering.
7. To Administer Church discipline
8. To perpetrate all the above until the return of Christ.

Our vision is to make all members into ministers of Christ using their spiritual gift in service for all. But as we develop methods, means, and programs to accomplish this end, we must also expect the death of the vision. We must not doubt in darkness what God has shown us in the light, for God will accomplish this vision plus any other visions He gives us in His own time.


The Holy Spirit guides the affairs of the Southwest Evangelical Ministries, giving authority to those appointed to oversee, lead, and guide in administering the affairs of the Church. We therefore claim the right to be governed under the Headship of Jesus and His authority over the Church, and reject all claims by the civil government to Headship or sovereignty over this Church.